Flora’s expert AI system seamlessly plugs into your inventory and customer loyalty ecosystem to recommend products that are in stock and right for your customers. The technology is built using an intelligent and proprietary system of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, Applied Science and Collective Dynamics. Flora analyzes over 650 million data points in real time across 2.3 billion online assets to make sure no stone is left unturned in the recommendations she makes to your customers.  

Flora (powered by Genetica) anonymizes all data and utilizes an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) methodology for all customer data. So your data is safe!

Flora (powered by Genetica) is built for CBD, hemp and cannabis products.

Yes. Flora (powered by Genetica) can be added to your website to help increase online sales.

Flora asks between 12-18 multiple choice questions. From end to end the completion of the Ai takes a customer between 1.45 minutes to 3.50 minutes.

Yes! Think of Flora as a living being, she is always learning and consuming knowledge. As she learns all about your store, your products, your customers and the many other market items she analyzes, she will be able to put together extremely high level training materials for your staff. Unlike most “training systems”, Flora will be able to curate individualized materials that will be most applicable for your team.

This is where the true magic of the system comes to life. Once Flora provides recommendations, your customers will be able to bring that information to your staff to engage in better informed conversations. This is what ultimately leads to faster sales times, larger purchases and repeat customers!

Flora can be fully integrated into your inventory management system and customer loyalty platform within a day and there’s no need for long, extensive training meetings. Your account executive will send over 3 five minute training videos for your staff and will assist in the integration of Flora into your current software systems.

At Genetica, our aim is to empower consumers to make effective cannabis product purchases in order to improve their quality of life and in turn enhance the relationship between retailer and customer. There’s no reason that health-increasing knowledge should be kept behind a steep pay wall. While we realize the value of our software, our mission is driven by information accessibility.

The beauty of Flora’s unique ecosystem lies in the continuous growth of her knowledge base. As your customers interact with Flora, she learns more about their purchase behaviors and can help inform marketing and advertising initiatives, collect product wholesale data, and much more. Flora also reveals powerful insights that could help retailers understand the who, what, why, and when of purchase decisions.

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